Hello, good morning from here…

A day after independence day, I think I should come back from super long hiatus 🙂

I won’t say ‘why now’ or ‘why’ or ‘what’s wrong’ because there were so many events in days, months, even a year… If I told you about all of them, we’ll be in this post forever… immortality… 

So, yeah, let’s think what can I do with this blog. I still have some parts for stories, but this section will be special, for everything I want to write, tell, share, whatever *sigh*.

And, hopefully, I can concentrate well, write so many stuffs here, and no more hiatus or long hiatus.

Okay… *I’m still waiting for my download and this is my new laptop, using windows 8.1–it’s hard to use, believe me, yet beautiful, smooth, and… I don’t know what else~~~* Maybe I should share about my new favourite musics? Videos? Films? Hmm… honestly, my internet connection is limited… *sob sob*… How about a confession?

Okay. Let me confess some things.

First, I think I’m no longer a kpop fans (LOL). It’s because of my second confession later, actually. But yeah, I enjoy myself for not involved in so many kpop things, not because they’re not good any more or still, but I think, my preference comes to western music, movie, and even novel! I didn’t take a look for KPOP updates for long time, so… yeah… my preference for them slowly gone. And… hey! western is good so far. Everyone loves western!

Second, I think I’m no longer a programmer (dunno I have to cry or laugh) since last December 2014. It was a long story, little bit confusing, scary, yet relief… but yeah, let’s live at the moment and be happy. (I’m completely, perfectly, incandescently HAPPY)

Third, I lost my 2 relatives this year. Hard to believe, my grandma and aunty, both were sick. I don’t know what to say… just… I don’t know.

That’s it. Let’s confess in another time. I have to do many things now. See you next time… 🙂




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