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Perfectly Imperfectly Man

 Hi. This is Saturday. I’m a bit busy for some things and basically it’s all about chatting. I was stuck for my script and need something refreshing.

Okay, so, it’s started with this morning. I was on my Facebook. One fan page about Disney Princess posted a-cute-tiny-pic of Snow and Anna. Suddenly I thought about one of my favorite girl : Rapunzel. I couldn’t go far from my TV if Tangled was re-broadcasted. No reason to be bored, I always get my time to watch. Laughing, giggling, flowering, smiling, tearing, and another ing-s moment.

And yeah, my favorite fairy tale is still Cindy’s, but Rapunzel just get my special feeling even after so many times another Disney Princesses showed up. Merida? Checked. Elsa and Anna? Checked. They’re beautiful too, but Rapunzel is way beyond them. Why? Because she hung out with Flynn. So, the main reason is actually Flynn. (devil smile)

I rushed to my Pinterest account and looked up for Flynn. At the beginning, it was ‘Disney Princes’ and after found many cute things about Flynn, I started to move. I’ve ever told my best friend about this : Flynn is my favorite Disney Prince whatever remains. He’s HANDSOME (yeah, first point and positively agreed by everyone except Cindy’s Husband Fans Club members). He’s adorable for every right and wrong he ever did! He’s fun, narcistic, sarcastic, yet care for strange human like Rapunzel. I don’t have idea why but I think it was because that’s his truly nature. He’s not perfect. He’s a thief! He doesn’t try to impress people, especially a girl, because what he thinks about regularly is a crown. Only a crown. And that’s why he’s adorable! He’s the closest image of real man-although not every man is a thief! I mean, they chase another crowingly stuff like money. But for a story from Disney, it’s rare to have a first male character as a bad guy like Flynn (like Aladin, the pioneer and of course he’s not a bad guy-if I wasn’t wrong). Usually, Disney Princes are angelic-handsome-young-man like someone you’ll never meet in everywhere only in Disney. And, that fact hurts our brain so many times. (heart too). Where we can find such man in this real world? (Oooooonly in DISNEY).

So, sometimes, we think Disney is the jerkiest company ever. They make us single forever-ever-after because of the obsession about prince charming.

And, suddenly, Flynn comes. Does he save us? No. Still. We’re in a hopeless situation about imperfect prince charming. Let’s clap for Disney.

Maybe you’ll start to think about this post : what will she write about? Nothing. It’s just about Flynn-the imperfect prince charming that captivates my heart. Actually it’s not really about Flynn because I didn’t write complete bio and info about him. I only said : he’s adorable and I like him. End.

Maybe you’ll start to think this too : so… this post is about the jerkiness of Disney? No. Let’s move to the real one like Pride and Prejudice.

After had deep-thought about Flynn, I started to connect it with another imperfect man. His name is…. Mr. Darcy. He’s perfect for some women. He’s rich, handsome, tall, smart, generous, but… he did mistakes too. He was mistakenly thought about the relationship about Jane and Mr. Bingley. And, he needed to save his best friend, Bingley, from a tragic marriage with Bennet’s family. Yes, it’s a majestic act though, but surely a mistake. He was wrong. He was selfish and didn’t care about other’s feelings. BUT, he acknowledged it in front of Lizzy. He told her the truth and apologized, and he was still becoming The Arrogant Mr. Darcy. At the end of story, he married Lizzy because his love never changed.

So, what’s the similarities between Flynn and Mr. Darcy? First, both of them are handsome. Second, both of them love their girls. Third, both of them are not perfect as a fictional character-as a lead male character. Fourth, I love them. I think they are the most rational human in fiction world and for every plus and minus they have, it makes them perfect as imperfect man.

Maybe you’ll start to think :  so… you want your future husband is kind of Flynn-Darcy style? Yeap. Ridiculous. Okay, I know. But what’s wrong if I thought like that? I’m a human too and human does mistakes. Human loves and hates Disney. Human thinks about Disney Prince, so do I. Human loves Pride and Prejudice. Human loves Jane Austen, so do I.

But what I mean about this post is… nobody’s perfect in this world. There’s no such perfect prince charming a la Disney. Flynn and Mr. Darcy are just tiny pieces sample about nonsense-almost-sense man you could marry. I want to marry a man like them too, playing with their yay and nay, but their love to us is the most important think we should think. Their appearances are the matter, but their presence are the last piece to complete this-perfect-imperfect phenomenon.

By the way, what am I saying? I just got confused with my own words. Help me, please. I just want to give an example about best fictional character I could possibly marry and the words are overflowing.

And one thing again, Flynn and Darcy become good men as the story flows. People changed. Old past will be the past and future is still on the way. That’s why they came up on first position (give them a big hand) in my head about ideal man. The second, from Disney (again!), maybe Sven (my bad! Totally forgot sven is the deer. Oh my!) Kristoff. Why? I don’t want to talk about him too much. He’s just…gorgeous. A woman like me needs a kind of that man.

Okay. That’s it. See? My post is like a drunk person which come from A to B to C to D and the point is nothing so I got an E. *sob sob*. By the way, I need to go. Next time I’ll write better post. Forgive me. I love you Flynn, and Mr. Darcy.

And Disney too.

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