Twenty-four. A number. A romantic relationship between two numbers, two and four. But people always see it as a number, a unity. It may have a definition about time, a day, twenty-four hours. Or maybe a result of six and four multiplication, or two multiplied by twelve, or three and eight. It may be an American TV series, but for me, it means an age.

Twenty-four is a dramatic one. A year of so many selfishness, tragedy, disappointment, unfortunate, second hardest year after twenty-first. Yet magical, miraculous, amazing, bravest and livest year ever. I don’t want to describe many things about those definitions, it will be six pages long for just a year-end celebration words.

The point is, twenty-four is my break-point moment being an adult. I’ve found (hopefully) what I want to do for endless time. I’ve found what I want to have as a person who needs a life-partner and what my future partner has for me. I’ve found best friends, people who always strengthen me in difficult times. I’ve found my identity, as a unique person in this world. I’ve found a way to go to myself in any kind of situation. And, guess, I’ve found myself has an ability to more understand (yet it still blurry sometimes) about my adventure with God.

It seems like twenty-four is a year of uncertain destiny. A difficult one to believe a bright future. An easy one to believe a tragic future—still I think both of those ideas—but I believe, the next one will be brighter, clearer, though it may be more difficult and more struggles. C’est la vie.
What I hope being a twenty-five adult after left twenty-four is… my life is getting better. All aspects of my life. Body, soul, and spirit. A better stage of preparation for being completely human. Being a human and understand the human being.

Twenty-four might be a lesson, an unforgettable one. A maturer stage than twenty-three. A year that makes me want to create this kind of writing. A reflection. A turning page. Everyone has their own twenty-four. I don’t know if they wrote such thing too or not.

I want to thank myself who survived and still able to smile. And I want to thank you, the one who always cheers me up. Also, parents, heaven’s knights, a couple that won’t let me die.

Lastly, The Creator of everything in my twenty-four. The One behind magical, miraculous, amazing and magnificent days of my life. The One I cannot see. The One I cannot hear. The One who lifts me to see what I left behind.


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