The Rosie Project – When Science Can’t Hold Feelings

I’m a bibliophile, especially novels. Sometimes I read fantasies, mysteries, but I also attached to romances. One day, I found about The Rosie Project—which the author, Graeme Simsion, was a special guest at a writer festival in Bali. I wasn’t there but quite enough enthusiast with the news and ended up saving the book inside my note. I began to read and now I have the physical book as my valuable treasure. Not only because it was a birthday gift, but it is also one of the best novel I’ve ever read.

It tells about Don Tillman, Australian 39-year-old handsome genetics professor who had problem in finding a perfect woman to become his wife because of his weird scientific life. Every little things have a science-based calculation in his own perspective. And, finding a woman to marry is also a science-thing which involves questioners. It’s called Wife Project. The adventure of Don finding a woman takes him to Rosie, a bartender who also a friend of Gene, Don’s best friend. By the questioner, Rosie obviously is an incompatible partner for Don. Her score is worse than other women. Maybe the worst. Her habits, attitudes, are completely a disaster for Don’s peaceful life. But, love comes when no one expects it to come. When Rosie told him about her life, about a man whom she called father named Phil, and how Rosie thought he wasn’t her real father because of his behaviors toward her, Don interested to help finding her real father and changed his old project to Father Project. Because of this, Don learned new things such as being a cocktail bartender, met new friend and watched baseball—something he never did. The two was almost inseparable in many times. Don didn’t realize it until one day he braved himself to ask Rosie while the project failed. Rosie, surprisingly had the same feeling but she rejected him instead without telling the reason. Struggling alone, Don became a hopeless man for a night at his own birthday.

I don’t want to share all the whole story but what makes me love this book is the whole things inside. The story is perfect (perfect means logical ending), simple, funny, honest, entertaining. And the author was an IT Consultant whom I always think it’s impossible for people like him to write such an amazing story like this. Still, the best part is the power of characters. Graeme Simsion is a genius who created the other genius.


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