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Perfectly Imperfectly Man

 Hi. This is Saturday. I’m a bit busy for some things and basically it’s all about chatting. I was stuck for my script and need something refreshing.

Okay, so, it’s started with this morning. I was on my Facebook. One fan page about Disney Princess posted a-cute-tiny-pic of Snow and Anna. Suddenly I thought about one of my favorite girl : Rapunzel. I couldn’t go far from my TV if Tangled was re-broadcasted. No reason to be bored, I always get my time to watch. Laughing, giggling, flowering, smiling, tearing, and another ing-s moment.

And yeah, my favorite fairy tale is still Cindy’s, but Rapunzel just get my special feeling even after so many times another Disney Princesses showed up. Merida? Checked. Elsa and Anna? Checked. They’re beautiful too, but Rapunzel is way beyond them. Why? Because she hung out with Flynn. So, the main reason is actually Flynn. (devil smile)

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