I am obsessed interested with royal life. I follow kensingtonroyal on Instagram, kate’s fansclub on Instagram, and sometime searching everything about royal : the wedding, the rings, tiaras, dresses, and so on. Pathetic? Yes.

I always think, the royals have some kind of different life. I ever asked my bestie, “what royals do when they need to rub their noses or armpits? or Do they fart randomly like us?” yeah yeah. Silly. But nothing sillier than our curiosity, lol.

And… yeah. I love their history. Royals life full of tragedy (not all, but almost). I can mention from Russian Last Emperor (because I just re-watched Anastasia) to People Princess : Diana. I feel sorry for them. It’s like… I don’t know… in such young ages, they left this world. However, they had their own life.

*This image was taken from Pinterest*


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